Southern Black Sea coast and 10 favorite places to visit

Thanks to the unique combination of beautiful beach stripes, beautiful wooded areas cut by the rivers, the Southern Black Sea coast offers both great opportunities for marine and ecological tourism.
Here are numerous reserves preserving the rich biodiversity of the region. The Ropotamo Reserve, situated at the bottom of the river of the same name, is famous for its beautiful water lilies and one of the most striking rock formations in Bulgaria - the Lion's Head. It also includes several smaller reserves and parks, each of which retains unique flora, fauna and natural sights. These are the Ropotamo Natural Park, the Arkutino Reserves, the Snake Island and the Sea Wormwood. Other reserves in the region are Alepu - a seaside marsh, separated from the sea by a sandy strip where many bird species and Sand lilies migrate.
The Southern Black Sea coast offers the opportunity to relax at the sea for those who prefer the luxury and comfort - Dune and the town of Sozopol, as well as for the more unassuming, looking for peace and relaxation - Chernomorets, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets, Ahtopol, Sinemorets.

10 favorite places to visit
Our southern coast boils from stormy life - festivals, events, tourist attractions, beautiful hotel complexes, bars and sandy beaches attract tourists from near and far.

1. Sozopol
The beautiful Sozopol is a favorite place for many Bulgarians and foreigners. Here is the annual Apollonia Festival of Arts, named after the old town's name. Last year, Sozopol ranked 6th at the prestigious European European Destination Destinatio
n along with cities like Milan, Gdańsk, Aina, San Sebastian, Vienna, Old Town, Basel, Rotterdam, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Boniface and Wild Taiga. This is an exclusive recognition for Bulgaria. The ranking itself is based on the principle of a tourist for the tourist, and the end result is determined by the millions of European tourists who have the opportunity to vote for their favorite destinations.

2. The castle in Ravadinovo
The castle "In love with the wind" in the village of Ravadinovo, just 2 km from Sozopol, is a children's dream of the architect G
eorgi Kostadinov Tumalov. The castle is situated on an area of ​​20 decares. Here you can see several thousand exotic trees, plants and flowers. Several deep-sea lakes with freshwater fish and waterfowl - white and black swans, pelicans and ducks. For entertainment, small and large games are available: Escape for families, Treasure Seekers for children, "Seven Deadly Sins" - for persons over 18 years of age. On the territory of the castle there are also a zoo, various sculptures, a horse base, a winery, a summer cinema, an art gallery and much more.
The castle ranks 3rd in Europe among the most visited and beautiful castles and fortresses on the Old Continent in the European Best Destinations.

3. Ropotamo Nature Reserve
About 50 km from Bourgas is the Ropotamo reserve, one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. On its territory are maintained reserves "Sand lily" and "Water lilies" and the protected area
“Snake Island. The reserve is a wintering place for very rare birds and an important intermediate stop on the Via Pontica Black Sea. Ropotamo river basin, coastal swamps and marshes, forests, terraced mountain ridges and strange rock phenomena, as well as a sandy beach with dunes and rocky seashore, a beautiful bay and a small rocky islet and gentle lilies are like a masterpiece of art by the best master.

4. Oil nose
Between the mouth of the Ropotamo River and Stomoplo Bay is the large Buruna Peninsula, which is divided into two parts of St. Paraskeva Bay. The northern part ends with Cape Koraklia and the southern - with Oil nose, recognized as the most beautiful on the South Black Sea coast. It is only 6 km from Primorsko and its name comes from a legend according to which a lot of ships carrying oil were smashed in the steep cliffs, so that the whole neighborhood grew fat, and that is why - Oil nose. Next to the oil nose from the yacht dock of Primorsko, sailing sails take you every day that lead you through the bays and moan to the nose.

5. Fortress Valchanovo Kale
More popularly known as the Lion Head, the fortress is situated on a rocky, overgrown green tree, is located 2 km from the mouth of the Ropotamo River. Its geographic location creates exceptional strategic advantages - beneath it flows a deep floating river connected with the sea and close to the natural harbor - the bay of St. Petka.
The name Valchanovo Kale dates from the time of the Ottoman rule because it was used by the Vulchan voivoda.

6. North Beach Sinemorets
If you ever wanted to end up in some fabulous beautiful paradise, this is the northern beach of Sinemorets. Here the Veleka River flows into the Black Sea, where the river and the sea are separated from the beach. Unique combination of river, sea, forest and beach! Here even the lovers of the mountain will spend incredible!

7. Camping "Gradina" and Glamping "Gora"
The "Gora" Glamping Zone is the place where luxury and nature combine into one of your perfect holiday spots in the summer. It is incredibly indescribable to sleep under the open sky in the soft and comfortable bed and cozy white sheets just steps away from the seafront, nestled under the cool shade of the coniferous forest of Camping Garden.

8. Ancient dome tomb near Pomorie
The only tomb with similar architecture on the entire Balkan Peninsula. The Ancient Dome Tomb is located only 1 km away from Pomorie. So, if you're tired of getting over the beach, you can go and see it. It is a mixture of a typical Thracian domed tomb and a Roman mausoleum and allegedly served a wealthy Thracian anchovy family, where religious rituals related to the cult of the sun also took place.
The tomb, known as the Khuata Mogila, is open all year round for visits. It is the largest one found in Bulgaria.

9. Silistar Beach
Gold sand, clean and calm water and great views are what you will find on the beach of Silistar - the last beach before the Turkish border. The beach is about 1 km long and about 50 m wide and is one of the favorite places for surfing our sea. It falls within the territory of Strandzha Nature Park, thanks to which it is not yet built, and is part of the protected areas for the conservation of wild birds and natural habitats.

10. Lighthouse Ahtopol
The picturesque lighthouse near Ahtopol, built on a reef, is one of the most beautiful on the coast. It starts in the summer of 1932 and although difficult and dangerous access to it is an extremely popular place.