The Northern Black Sea coast and 10 favorite places to visit

If we have to compare our North and Southern Black Sea coasts, one is a fact - the more north we go, the more wild and virgin nature is there, and the human influence on flora and fauna - less and less. Here are the densely built large hotel complexes, the crowds of people on the beach, the noisy bars and discos and the only thing you can enjoy is the peace, the silence and yourself and the loved ones - there in the nature.
If it sounds like the break you're looking for, but you can not decide where to start, we'll give you directions. Our favorite places are:

1. Kranevo
Only 5 km away from Albena is the romantic village of Kranevo. If you are looking for a peaceful place for you, we recommend the silence and the coziness of the picturesque Kranevo. There are numerous accommodation options for every taste.

2. Cape Kaliakra
It is 12 km away from Kavarna, the rock capital of Bulgaria. And if you have not passed since then, we guarantee you it is worth it. Here is everything - beautiful views, a chapel that creates an exceptional atmosphere, a museum with valuable archaeological exhibits and a restaurant built on two floors in one of the caves, which leads to one of the main alleys and the other leads to the museum.
Be prepared to admire the beauty and uniqueness of the place.

Mussel farm, village Bulgarevo
While you're in the Kaliakra area, do not forget to pamper your other senses atDelbuka Mussel Farm, where you can taste the freshly prepared fresh ecological Black Sea mussels grown there.

4. Bolata Bay
Do not miss this magical place that has become favorite of many people. From the northern side of Cape Kaliakra is a small bay with a port called Bolata. Here is the only sandy beach in the area of ​​Kaliakra, making it an extremely famous and desirable destination in the summer.
In the caves of Bolata are found remains of an ancient settlement and testimonies of life 400 years before Christ, as well as the Maltese Cross - a testimony of the trade of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom with Venice and Genoa.

5. Balchik
Balchik is one of those places that they grab
you immediately and leave a seal in your heart. This place has an incredible magic that captures you at first glance and makes you want to come back again and again. We will not hide that we fell in love with this pretty town at first glance, not only because of its extraordinary beauty, but also because of the energy that lies in the atmosphere. The two mandatory places to visit here are the Palace of the Queen Maria Edinburgh and the Botanical Garden, where you will see the unique collection of over 2500 plant species from all over the world, belonging to 85 families and 800 genera.

6. Yailata
This archaeological reserve itself is a reason to take a stroll to the famous Kamen Beach. So, besides a simple holiday at sea, you can also add a pinch of adventure experience with a breath of the past. Here you will find a Thracian altar of the sun, Scythian necropolises, incredible views from the cave houses and a bunch of emotions that will leave you a memory for a lifetime.

They say that in the 1930s, the Romanian Queen Maria received a pair of seals as a present. They originally lived in an enclosed area on the shores of Balchik, but soon she decided to release them, after which they adapted and created generations, inhabiting the underwater caves of Tylenovo.
Tylenovo is a place almost untouched by civilization, beautifully and unspoilt. Here is the paradise for those of you who are real fans of the strong sensations - the place is perfect for diving in the deep waters where you expect a rich animal world, climbing on the picturesque rocks or just camping between the rocks. Tylenovo will become your new favorite spot.

8. Shabla Lighthouse
They say it looks like the Alexandria Lighthouse, but in much smaller dimensions the headlamp of Cape Shabla is the oldest and the tallest in Bulgaria. It has been used for many years to protect the ships from the almost one mile long underwater reef, as well as from the sinking into the shallow waters between Cape Shabla and Tyulenovo village. Its white light flashes three times every 25 seconds, with good visibility visible from a distance of 17 nautical miles.

9. Boat trip along the Kamchia River
Our Northern Black Sea coast offers exceptional opportunities for diversity during our summer break. If you want to experience a different emotion, admire lianas, magnificent trees, cloudy waters and the atmosphere as
like you're in the Anaconda movie, try this adventure, a 30-minute boat trip will relax and load you with an exceptional energy.

10. Golden Sands
Last but not least, we left for the most famous and one of the oldest resorts on the northern coast - Golden Sands! The name tells you what awaits you here! It is situated at the foot of the protected nature park "Golden Sands", and its pride is the golden sand beach with a length of more than 3 meters and a width of 100 m.